Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fagin's Lot

Hey guys, here's an attempt at making a finished illustration. I was tired of concepting at work and concepting at home and just felt like having something 'done' would be nice for a change. Here's my interpretation of Fagin's gang from 'Oliver Twist'.


fungi said...

hethe you legend! this is so great!

Powell said...

Hethe this kicks so much ass, love that head sneaking out of the hatch with the green bounce light. This ones topnotch all over!!!

Pinflux said...

It came out wonderfully man! I wasn't sure where you were going with the colours at first but it came out amazingly! I'm loving those shadows!


Vinod Rams said...

I love it!
I'd say the only thing I'd still do is paint a bit more on the clouds. They're a bit flat, just some nice puffy volumetric strokes would do the trick. But I really really like it.