Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hallo Biscuiteers!

Hello to some of my most favorite artists ever.
I come from Utah and I bring crackers, cheese as well as delicious beer to this art party.

Please enjoy and don't worry about the crumbs or spilling, the carpet is a figment of your imagination and easily vacuumed.

Just some things fit in between spare moments of work and life and death.


fungi said...

so feckin gooood

GIMETZCO! said...

taco is great!

Powell said...

ah these are sooooo nice!

Tom Scholes said...

fungi: FUNGIIIIIII! You my friend are everywhere! No wonder you don't have time to show the world more art :( Hehe.

gimetzco!: Thank you kindly sir, I love tacos too. They are my real passion, not this art business. <3

Powell: Thank you soooo much! Love your latest.