Monday, October 13, 2008

Edge of Dawn

I feel this deserves more polish, so much that needs a little more love and sections that need simply to be redone. But it's past the expiration date as far as my motivation goes; I feel the urge to move on to learn new things with a new painting is far stronger than the urge for a finished work.

Anyhow, learned so many good things on this painting and it felt good to exercise a few muscles other than the environment variety for a bit. The canvas texture you may see in the back is actually from a plein aire painting I did on a work outing. The painting looks nothing like this, but the outing was still vital to the overall mood and palette of this painting. I need to get out and paint more, so good for me.

Hope it's not too dark, but I'm sure it is :\


Anonymous said...

this is sweet love how you kept its relatively green and with earth colors. even the red.

the spot of light in the back makes for a nice contrast to make him seem even more dark.


Vinod Rams said...

I think it's fantastic. Great use of light and shadow. I also like the stylistic choice of how you did the tree trunk.

And I know what you mean when you'd like to go back into a piece but it's just been so long it's better to just move on.

Very cool.

Pinflux said...

Oooo this is just so beautiful! :D

Amazing palette, and the piece is just so striking by pushing the contrast so far, specially in the central character. Very mysterious! I'm in love with the blues you've squeezed in there. Can't say enough good things about this piece really, it's one of my favourite bits of art I've seen of late, and I'm quite compulsive in following artists on the net! :)


Buci said...


Tom Scholes said...

the almighty tiger: Thanks dude! Learned some real good color stuff on this and the plein aire base. Mmm mmm good.

Vinod Rams: Thanks dude! I <3 trees. We should come up with a name for getting tired of a piece so much that you abandon it... in latin maybe.

pinflux: Thanks very much! one of your favourites lately? Awwwwwww shucks. :)

buci: thanks men!

Wythe Bowart said...

AHHH! I love your work. I've set your website as my load page in Firefox. Keep on rockin dude! Im so inspired! AHHHHHH! Cant. . . take. . .the . . . pressure. . . it. . ahh. . *sound of head imploding*